Terms of Service

Terms of use for website CandyDates

CandyDates is a modern and effective German dating website.

CandyDates offers you dating services and is considered to be a dating system managed by „LUXPAR GmbH“ in Germany.

The aim of website CandyDates is to provide efficient and comfortable dating services to men and women from Eastern, Western and South Europe. The task of CandyDates is to help you while your life partner searchin and to organize your communication in a nice and efficient way regardless your place of residence and language knowledge.

While using the website you confirm that you are older than 18 and that you have a right to accept these terms of use.
While using the website you agree to these terms of use and accept their conditions.
CandyDates reserves the right to change these terms of use any time. These terms of use come into effect immediately after placing on the website.
While using the website you agree to possible changes of these terms of use.

Website management offers website services to you under conditions which are subject of these terms of use for website CandyDates. Accordingly to this you are obligated to consider the conditions of these terms of use which are regarding by management of CandyDates to be a public offer.

1. While registration on the website you are obligated:
1.1. To submit your full and reliable personal information during registration;
1.2. To take measures to secure your e-mail address and your password;
1.3. To update your registration data and other personal information regularly to guarantee their actuality, accuracy, fullness and exactness;
1.4. To take full responsibility for all your activities while using the website and for all consequences which are caused or can be caused while using the website;
1.5. To publish only your own stories into your blog and do not use copied information of other authors from internet;
1.6. To register on the website with dating intentions and to use the website only for personal purposes;
1.7. Do not place your contact information in public.
2. The following is permitted:
2.1. To use the website services only for personal non-commercial purposes;
2.2. Permitted is using the website what is not violating the rules which are provided in the article 3.
2.3. 2.3. Users to write letters, but only when they are added as friends.
3. The following is prohibited:
3.1. To capture and to save contact information of website users automatically or other ways to send spam or other undesirable information;
3.2. To use any automatic or automated tools for information capturing;
3.3. To spread social, racist, national and religious propaganda as well as to incite ethnic hatred;
3.4. To place news, messages, graphic images and other materials on the website which are hurting or can be hurting honor, reputation and dignity of users or of the organization;
3.5. To place confidential information on the website or to provide it via personal messages if users don’t have access to this information;
3.6. To place messages with rude and offensive words on the website;
3.7. To register more than one user account;
3.8. To place materials with pornographic content or hypertext links to websites which content such materials on the website;
3.9. To place personal data of other users or third parties on the website without their prior consent;
3.10. To send any commercials, advertising offers, agitation materials without prior consent of management, to send spam and message chains;
3.11. To take measures to hurt the stable website functioning, to make unauthorized attempts to manage the website and to do anything what can be interpreted as a network attack;
3.12. To use the website to any commercial purposes without prior consent of management or of website owner;
3.13. To place any information of any other character which is undesirable, doesn’t match with website purposes, conflicts with users’ interests or is considered to be undesirable for placing on the website because of any other reasons;
3.14. To place personal information (e.g. e-mail-address, phone number, etc.) in public access;
3.15. To place your own contact information on profile pages of other users.
4. Using of users‘ e-mail-addresses:
4.1. Sometimes management can send to users newsletters with announcing of important changes and events which are associated with website functioning. Management guarantees that sent information would have an absolutely informative character and would be strictly limited in a volume.
5. Management rights:
5.1. Management reserves the right to change (to moderate) or to delete any information which is published by you and conflicts with the restrictions pointed in article 3 without notice, to stop, to terminate or to restrict your access to all or to one of website rubrics and services any time for any reason or without explaining the reasons, with prior announcing or without that, and doesn’t have to take responsibility for any injuries which can be caused by this activity.
5.2. In cases of rules violation Management has the right to delete profiles without prior announcing. In this case virtual currency Credits that you’ve earned on the website won’t be reimbursed.
6. For right owners:
6.1. Management doesn’t follow the information character and doesn’t take responsibility for information which will be sending while using the website services, but follows copyright policy. In case of finding out the data with illegal content or content which is prohibited by Law this data will be immediately deleted without prior announcing.
7. Access to service:
7.1. Management provides services in the way they are. There are no guarantees about availability, accessibility or continuance of service functioning. We take no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses which are caused by unavailability, no accessibility or no continuance of service functioning. All materials which are downloaded from our website you will use at your own risk and peril. Besides, we don’t provide any information about using of such materials.
8. Virtual currency Credits:
8.1. For each activity on the website (registration, friends’ invitation to using the website, friend’s requests, comments, blog posts, activities in your profile) you can earn virtual currency Credits.
8.2. You can use virtual currency e.g. for gifts purchasing for your friends.
8.3. While deleting the profile your virtual currency won’t be reimbursed. Credits which you’ve earned can’t be reimbursed in cash or otherwise.
9. Final note:
9.1. These terms of use are considered to be an Agreement between you and management about using order of website and website services and replace all prior agreements between you and management.
You use the website only at your own risk and peril. Typical internet risks are users’ presentation through false personalities, placing of undesirable information and users’ inappropriate behavior. CandyDates has no possibility to prove correctness of other users’ posts. That’s why CandyDates recommends to be careful while quick transfer of your personal data (name, e-mail, address and phone numbers) to other users.